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Motivations for IPRE, and a positive article on CS from the Stanford Computer Forum

Hi, I'm the Microsoft Research program manager behind IPRE. My first post here is overdue! :-)

I'd particularly like to post here now and then on the motivations behind Microsoft's support for robotics in education, especially CS (Computer Science) education, and our partnership with leading technology-oriented academic institutions like Georgia Tech and Bryn Mawr College.

To kick things off, I noticed an item just got posted to Slashdot, referencing an article in the Stanford Report, dated November 6, 2006: "Computer science ‘still a good career,’ leader of job migration task force says".

'Students pursuing information technology careers but worried about the offshoring of jobs have nothing to fear, according to a report presented Nov. 2 to academics and members of the Stanford Computer Forum, an industrial affiliates program.

"There is a huge mismatch between perception and reality," Rice University Professor Moshe Vardi said. "There are more IT jobs now than there were six years ago at the height of the IT boom."'

It's well-worth reading the whole (short) piece.

It's because of our strong belief in the future of CS, the role of CS in accelerating so many other fields, and technical education in general, that engineers like myself are able to garner financial and other support from Microsoft for cool endeavors like IPRE!



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