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A Way that Battery Status Informing Can Work

Tue, 2007-07-03 09:20

I really like the idea of having a way to detect battery status. A number of times when using the Scribbler, I got frustrated and confused seeing it go berserk, only to realize that its red light was flashing, signaling low battery. Also, it would be really helpful / informative to know just how low the Scribbler's battery is at a given time; with battery level in mind, you can plan out how long you'll have a sane robot at hand, and so you can figure out how imperative it is to find new batteries. I'm sure there would be similar such issues with the Surveyor, too.

When talking with Professor Kumar yesterday, he mentioned that they intend to add a function in the Myro library for the robot to return the battery status. That would be helpful in solving the above-mentioned battery issues. That could probably then be used for both the Scribbler and the SRV-1 (and other robots that will work with Myro). Perhaps they could even work in a function to display a certain lighting on the Scribbler and, as you suggested, on the SRV-1 (if a light diode could easily be added), according to the battery level.


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