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SRV-1 Pyro

Sun, 2007-08-12 04:51
Byron (not verified)

I have a SRV-1 and I have tried Myro( I like it but I am really interested in the undocumented simulator). Over the last 4 years I have been eying Pyro for windows but could not justify the steep learning curve just to simulate a red block( the pyro windows simulated robot). I would be very interested in running SRV-1 via pyro. I think that it would overcome the vision processing issues with the windows version. RoboRealm ,pyro and SRV-1 would be a great research system and one that would be worth investing time into.

Please let me know when and if you write the SRV-1 driver for pyro.

Thanks Byron
PS I looked at the MS Robotics studio and I do not see its advantage over open source systems such and Myro or Pyro. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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