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iRobot Create challenge

John Billington from iRobot has just announced a robot challenge, and the winner gets $5,000!

I am writing to let the robotics and education community know that
iRobot is offering up free Create robots to students who want to enter
the iRobot Create challenge. Please let any students or interested
parties know that all they need to do is post their idea here before the
end of June:

The contest deadline to make your robot is the end of August. We are
giving away a $5000 prize to the winner. Contest details are posted

Good luck,

John Billington
Sr. Product Manager, Home Robots
iRobot Corporation

There are other prizes, too: a Second Place Prize of a set of iRobot home robots including iRobot Roomba Discovery, iRobot Scooba 380, iRobot Dirt Dog, and iRobot Create robots. Worth about $1,000; and ten Third Place Prizes of the winner's choice of one iRobot Roomba Discovery or one iRobot Scooba 5800. Worth about $300 each.

Have fun!


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