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Philosophy of Computer Science

Sun, 2007-09-23 20:02
Kalyn Schofield (not verified)

The entire lecture was interesting and raised many more questions then it answered. The fact that philosophy and computers can be combined into a class is a different thing all together. As a person whose is taking a computer class and a philosophy class, I feel the concepts often discussed within philosophy can be brought up in any field. However, the way the questions are answered may differ depending on that particular field.

Philosophy is a class that focuses on the big questions of life and the love of learning itself. For a computer science/ philosophy class to work, students would have to get out of the mindset that there is always a "right" answer regarding anything, even computers. Computer students as well, will have to consider their part in the influence of developing future computers. A.I. will become more and more important with each passing year, resulting in smarter and faster computers.

In this very sense these "stronger, better, faster," computers need guidelines and structures surrounding their creation. A computer science/ philosophy class could help future computer designers take into account such questions. Questions like what decisons should they handle?, what human jobs can they replace?, and should they be made in the first place? Are ony some of the many questions such a class could and should address.


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