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ACM SIGCSE2008-Portland, OR Report

We just returned from ACM SIGCSE-2008 which was held in rainy and gloomy Portland, OR. Nice city though, despite the weather and most of us from IPRE were just too busy fielding interest from the 1400+ attendees.

IPRE had a booth in the Exibhition Hall which was continuously staffed by the bulk of the IPRE team. The conference also coincided with the official launch of the first IPRE Kit and also an announcement regarding two summer workshops we will be hosting. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have received numerous orders within 24 hours of the launch. It kind of generated the euphoria that many dot-commers experience when a site goes online.

Thanks to the hundreds who stopped by the booth to check out our progress and to experience our kit first hand. For those interested, the kit is now available for purchase at our non-profit Georgia Robotics. See our main web site for information on the Summer workshops.

The Kit consists of a Scribbler Robot (from Parallax) and the Fluke board which adds bluetooth, camera, and other sensors to the robot.



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