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From the Spring Symposium: Robot Platforms

There is much going on here and it will be hard to post all the highlights. Those interested should contact AAAI for a copy of the Symposium papers. There are papers from all over the US (K-12, university level), and many countries (Israel, Canada, Ghana, Qatar...) represented.

I wanted to provide a quick overview of the robot platforms that were demo-ed here (again in no particular order):

1. The Surveyor Robot from Howard Gordon: This has already been reviewed here, See Doug's blog below)

2. The Parallax Scribbler: Also reviewed here (see below)

3. The LEGO Mindstorms NXT: Also reviewed here (see below)

4. iRobot Create (uses the same base as the Roomba robot): This $150 base robot is being used at many institutions. To do anything useful you do have to add on at least another $150-300 worth of hardware. Maja Matric announced that a book of curricular materials will be available this June (a primer published by MIT Press). This robot will soon be controllable using IPRE's Myro software. Look for a review here soon.

5. Ridgesoft's IntelliBrain robot: A small, $150 robot that now has a Pyro interface (in addition to Java already provided by Ridgesoft)

6. The e-puck robot (see or Road Narrows web site.

7. The new Khepera (from K-Team. See Road Narrows web site)

8. The Qwerk box from CMU

9. The XBC from KIPR

10. Fred Martin's showed off the new Blackfin Handyboard

11. SoccerBot/EyeBot from

The papers also mentioned many other robot platforms including aerial blimp robots, robot arms, and several other devices.

But the running theme here is the price point. Low-cost robots are in (i.e. under $500) and are proliferating quickly.


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