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IPRE wins its first award!

The IPRE team was both thrilled and honored to be awarded last month (July) the “Technical Innovation Award for Educational Impact” at the AAAI-07 Sixteenth Annual AAAI Mobile Robot Competition in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Motivations for IPRE, and a positive article on CS from the Stanford Computer Forum

Hi, I'm the Microsoft Research program manager behind IPRE. My first post here is overdue! :-)

I'd particularly like to post here now and then on the motivations behind Microsoft's support for robotics in education, especially CS (Computer Science) education, and our partnership with leading technology-oriented academic institutions like Georgia Tech and Bryn Mawr College.

To kick things off, I noticed an item just got posted to Slashdot, referencing an article in the Stanford Report, dated November 6, 2006: "Computer science ‘still a good career,’ leader of job migration task force says".

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